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Hello, I'm Ann Mason I live very near to where this picture was taken in Cornwall. But of course life is not always sunny which is really how No Frills began.

This venture started when I was diagnosed with cancer. Whilst undergoing Chemotherapy I was advised not to use any products on my skin that contained perfumes as my skin would be very sensitive. Being naturally very inquisitive I researched as much as I could and became aware that a lot of ingredients in products used on the skin, can be absorbed through the skin. Some biopsies of body tissue have been shown to contain residues of some ingredients used in skin products.

There are a lot of natural products on the market but they are often very expensive.

Having been involved in manufacturing for over 30 years I had a light bulb moment and thought “I can make that myself”. And so this journey started…..

I am passionate about making products that are affordable for all.


My Desire:- To provide affordable, natural cosmetics, free from artificial preservatives and petroleum based products. Ingredients used are not tested on animals, neither is the final product.





BEAUTY SERUM 'Anns serum is just perfect. All natural ingredients and her eco friendly containers and packaging show how much she cares about her product. I highly recommend her and her serums'


BEAUTY SERUM and RG MOISTURISER ' Really made my day. They are great products and my skin loves them'


RG MOISTURISER 'Its lush.I am liking the tin, It'll be easier to see how much I've got left. The only downside is I'll need to watch how much I'm putting on, It's tempting to just slap it on! The scent is absolutely gorgeous and my skin feels fresh ans smooth'  


BEAUTY SERUM 'Love the new beauty serum. Tins are great, small enough to fit in my handbag for work'


ROSE BULGARIAN HYDROSOL 'It is the perfect compliment to the rose geranium moisturiser. My skin felt fresh yet soothed. The aluminium tin is great for travel (when we are allowed to!) Highly recommended.


RG MOISTURISER Lover the feel of the moisturiser on my face, will definately be back for more!


Thank you Ann for the quick delivery of the cosmetics that I purchased from you. I am really pleased with the results of the BEAUTY SERUM, MOISTURISER F and the LAVENDER and GERANIUM OIL, I will definitely be ordering again. I have also been using the skin protection oil whilst walking the dog and this has worked really well as well. Thank you once again for creating a natural chemical free range of cosmetics. 


Thankyou for my BEAUTY SERUM, it arrived yesterday and I've used it already. Makes my face feel soft and supple instead of dry and wrinkly.


BEAUTY SERUM and FRANKINCENSE MOISTURISER I'm loving both the serum and moisturiser which I adore the aroma of. I have suffered from dermatitis and eczema since birth. My skin is hypersensitive and even beauty products that were classified as suitable for sensitive skin would cause serious reactions. I've had to rely on prescribed emollients that are petroleum derived and feel heavy on the skin. I love that your products are so natural and cruelty free. They feel light on my skin and even though I've only been using them for a few days my skin feels softer. Thankyou so much.



My brother has suffered from severe eczema all over his body for years and has tried everything under the sun to soothe it. Most products that he has tried have left him feeling irritated or sore or no different. A few months ago I lent him my No Frills Cosmetics Rose and Geranium moisturiser and he has been over the moon with it. It seems to be the only thing he has ever found that soothes it and causes no burning or further irritation whilst also helping clear it up. The smell is lovely too which is a bonus! You can really notice the quality of this product, and we will be repurchasing again for sure. I have also used the BATH SALTS from No Frills Cosmetics and can highly recommend, they left my bath smelling lovely and are super relaxing, a perfect lockdown treat to pamper yourself with.


I love these products. I've been using the MOISTURISER RG since Christmas 2020 and it's really improved my skin. It's just the right consistency for my combination skin, not too greasy but takes away the tight dryness. Recently purchased a sample of the SERUM too and it's light and silky. Using the two together has really left my skin smooth and no more spots either. Everything I look for in skincare, looking forward to trying the toner too.










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