Ann Mason


Hello, I'm Ann Mason I live very near to where this picture was taken in Cornwall. But of course life is not always sunny which is really how No Frills began.

This venture started when I was diagnosed with cancer. Whilst undergoing Chemotherapy I was advised not to use any products on my skin that contained perfumes as my skin would be very sensitive. Being naturally very inquisitive I researched as much as I could and became aware that a lot of ingredients in products used on the skin, can be absorbed through the skin. Some biopsies of body tissue have been shown to contain residues of some ingredients used in skin products.

There are a lot of natural products on the market but they are often very expensive.

Having been involved in manufacturing for over 30 years I had a light bulb moment and thought “I can make that myself”. And so this journey started…..

I am passionate about making products that are affordable for all.


My Desire:- To provide affordable, natural cosmetics, free from artificial preservatives and petroleum based products. Ingredients used are not tested on animals, neither is the final product.

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