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I offer Moisturiser and Beauty Serum. Because we are all different and fragrance is very important to us, I decided to manufacture three fragrances of moisturiser. The Beauty Serum is unfragranced as many users apply under their moisturiser.


The first fragrance is Natural (moisturiser N) this has no essential oils added and the moisturiser therefore contains only the fragrance of the constituent ingredients, many people say it has chocolate notes this is caused by the Coco Butter element.


The second fragrance is Neroli (moisturiser Ne) this is an essential oil taken from the blossom of the Bitter Orange Tree. Neroli has a floral citrus aroma with green and spicy facets.


The third fragrance is Rose Geranium (moisturiser RG) essential oil taken from the leaves and flowers of the Rose Geranium plant, it has a floral, sweet herbaceous aroma.


I use containers that allow no contamination of the moisturiser which means when you use the pump no air gets into the container, this means the product always stays safe. (In a handbag, glovebox or pocket for instance).


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